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Create a more sustainable
future for your business.

Electrical and Instrumentation Integration Company – Designed, planned, sourced, and installed all from a trusted partner.

Feel confident
in your systems

Keep your
business moving

Gain peace
of mind

Who you partner with in
energy is everything.

Understanding your energy needs is one half of the process, knowing the best pathway forward is the other. We believe you deserve a better approach to a sustainable future and partnership which is why we bring complete solutions to every client. While we do what we do best, you’ll feel confident as you continue building your business. 

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Setting a new standard
in partnership.

Sabre Instrument Services Ltd was incorporated in 1985 and is Canadian-owned. Sabre is a leading integrator of industrial control systems and process analyzer systems in western Canada. In 2021, Sabre merged with Static Energy Services Inc. This merger added custom switchgear manufacturing, high voltage field services, and electrical and instrumentation field services to our capabilities. 


Extreme Ownership

■ Quitting is not allowed
■ Expect the best, be the best
■ Treat it like you own the company
■ Be accountable and own your tasks


Continuous Improvement

■ Question the status quo
■ Make suggestions on how we can improve ■ Be curious – make it okay for
others to do the same
■ Help others be their best


Team Player

■ Collaboration and Contribution
■ Openness to Feedback
■ Reliability and Accountability
■ Effective Communication
■ Respect and Empathy

We get it -
it can feel overwhelming.

Owning and operating your business is one task, let alone staying up to code and regulation when it comes to the energy your business consumes. With over 30 years experience and a team of industry leading experts, you can feel confident we’ll create a system and plan best suited for what you need most.


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"I have had the pleasure of working with Sabre on several projects and have found it to be a pleasant experience backed by industry-leading expertise.  I would highly recommend working with them as a turnkey electrical manufacturer and solutions provider."

– Joshua Daniel, P. Eng., SMIEE

President, Principal Engineer

Grounded Technical Solutions Ltd.

Our process to a
more sustainable future.


1. Schedule Your Call

We get to know the ins and outs of the problems you’re facing, what your team has already accomplished, and where we can
best help.

2. Review Your Plans

Where some come with a good idea of what they need, we make sure we come up with a plan to solve every problem, from top to bottom, leaving no corner ignored.

3. Receive Your Solution

Every solution we provide our customers is bespoke to their specific needs. We can do everything in-house, all you have to do is say “yes” and we get to work.

It’s overwhelming to keep up with new energy requirements, let alone retrofit an old building to meet them.

At Sabre, we know you want to be confident in the energy efficiency of your business. In order to do that, you need the right partner to make efficiency possible. The problem is you’ve exhausted your in-house resources and expertise which leaves you overwhelmed on how to keep everything moving forward. 


We believe you deserve a better way to find a solution. We know how overwhelming it can be to meet new requirements and keep your business moving. With over 30 years of experience and a team of industry-leading experts, you can feel confident we’ll create the system and plan to best suit what you need most.

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