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Industrial Process Analyzers

Our Team

The Systems Integration division has a combined experience of over 155 years specifically in the design and fabrication of analyzer systems, sampling and sample conditioning systems, composite sampling systems, laboratory buildings, electrical hazardous rated buildings, electrical buildings, solar power systems, and various other highly specialized and technically challenging projects. We have designed and fabricated a vast array of analyzer systems in various industrial sectors. We provide custom solutions to a variety of industrial facilities
and systems. 

Industries We Serve

Oil and Gas
Power Generation

Industrial Process Analyzer

Analyzer and Sample Conditioning Systems

Analyzer Shelter Design and Fabrication

Probe Assembly Design and Fabrication

Sample Conditioning System Design

and Fabrication

Manual Sample Station Design and Fabrication

Custody Transfer Instrument Buildings (CTIB)

Metering Buildings

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Stack Analyzing

Water Quality Analyzer System Design

and Fabrication

Calibration and Carrier Gas Station Design and Fabrication

Inferred Viscosity Shelters with Optional Chiller package Design and Fabrication

Industrial Process Analyzers

Gas Chromatographs

Mass Spectrometers

Viscosity analyzers


Moisture analyzers

Oxygen analyzers

Colourimeter analyzers

Water Quality

Chlorine analyzers

Sodium analyzers

Ammonia analyzers

PH and conductivity analyzers

Turbidity analyzers

Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers

Orthophosphate analyzers

Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) and
Stack Analyzing

Tail gas air demand analyzers

Flue gas O2 analyzers

Hot/wet multi-gas mass flow CEM

SO2 analyzers

H2S analyzers

NOx analyzers

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