What We Do

Anywhere Integrated Solutions are required, Sabre products and services may be found. As required by today’s tight schedule constraints, Sabre provides thorough and detailed quotes, a superior material management and quality control system and strives to maintain consistent and timely communication to meet customer needs. 
Control Panels


We can design and/ or build panels for any required scenario. Our panel manufacturing group has built, but is not limited to the following: 


Electrical Control Panels - PLC Panels, DCS Panels, RTU Panels, SCADA Panels, Power Distribution Panels, BMS, SIS, Contactor Panels, Marshalling, Junction box, Custom enclosures, explosion-proof and general purpose.

Project Design and Management

Our in house design and drafting team is capable of a range of services, from control panel layout, custom control panel enclosures, instrumentation, and electrical.


With our list of pre-qualified sub contractors we can meet any project requirement's. Such as structural steel, self- framing buildings, rigid framed buildings, foam panel buildings and all your HVAC requirements.


All our projects are managed from beginning to end by our in-house team of specialists.




We can design and/or build standalone analyzer panels, analyzer systems, all the way to complete integration of building packages for any of your needs.


The following is a list of some of the projects we have worked on:

Pneumatic Control Panels - Instrument Racks, Analyzer Panels, Water Sampling Panels, Piped Systems, Specialty Systems, and complete building systems. Industrial Process Analyzers, Analyzer and Sample Conditioning Systems, Analyzer Shelter Design and Fabrication, Probe Assembly Design and Fabrication, Sample Conditioning System Design and Fabrication, Manual Sample Station Design and Fabrication, Custody Transfer Instrument Buildings (CTIB), Metering Buildings, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Water Quality Analyzer System Design and Fabrication, Calibration and Carrier Gas Station Design and Fabrication, Inferred Viscosity Shelters with Optional Chiller  package 


Construction and Integration

All our areas of expertise can be combined or standalone to construct and integrate your project needs. 



We can design and/or build electrical packages from a small distribution center to a large E-house and everything in-between.


The following is a list of some of the projects we have worked on:

I/O Buildings, Substations, E-Houses, Utility Buildings, Multi Phase Flow Meter, Quality Management Buildings, Lab Buildings, Mainline Block Valve, Remote Power Shelters, Instrument Air/ MCC buildings, VFD buildings, and Communication Buildings. 


We have also specialized in the following types of work Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Pumping Stations, Specialty Construction Services to the Transportation Infrastructure Sector.




Staging and FAT

Sabre has staging areas available for smaller projects. Additional remote facilities obtainable as required.

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