High Voltage Field Services

Our Team

Our team is comprised of electrical engineers, electrical engineering technologists, power systems electricians, and journeyman electricians with experience in testing, repairs, alterations, and replacement of your high ampacity, high voltage equipment
(Low Voltage to 500kV). Equipped and ready to perform electrical cable testing and repairs, transformer testing, oil sampling, relaying annual maintenance, and shutdowns.

Industries We Serve

Oil and Gas
Thermal Generation
Renewable Generation
Commercial Properties

High Voltage Field Service

Greenfield and brownfield construction

Breaker retrofits

Protection and control


Transformer installation and maintenance

Transition cell installations

HV cable installations and terminations

(trained by manufacturer)

Maintenance, testing, and commissioning

24/7 emergency response

Load flow analysis

Power Optimization

Arc Flash Mitigation

Preventive maintenance

Sub Station Design

Power Quality

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